General Information

I haven’t planned on that happening but if it was something that the members wanted to be able to do so that more information could be shared, I would consider doing it and unless there was a major problem I would most likely do it.
So far, yes. I have been making small video presentations for the past two years to get ready for the day I think I have sufficient content of interest to launch the website. Making video presentations is very time consuming but fun to do.

The content in my website is designed to help coaches at any level of the game and I will try to provide information in response to requests from members. I’ve been involved in Coach Education for most of my life and so my website is aimed at educating coaches to improve their effectiveness with players, to make coaches think about how best to plan and structure practice and training sessions and to improve their knowledge of the game.

Initially it is primarily for coaches but I wouldn’t reject the idea of having a section of the website that could be tailored towards players and the sort of information that they might want to improve their performance.


The refund policy exists if you are not satisfied after joining the website. You have seven days to request a full refund.
I will have a group discount but not group membership for a club or association that wants to pay for a number of individual memberships. I will offer a 25% discount for clubs or associations who choose to register members that way.


I guarantee nobody’s personal details will be used for anything unless permission is granted in the first instance from any such person, if the situation arose.