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Making videos


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Hi Ron,
Sorry for the non-football question! How do you make video with the moving player figures as examples? (I mean the… just the dots on the pitch moving, not actual player footage).

Ron Smith

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Hi Paul

I create the figures to denote shoulders and nose of the imaginary player by combining shapes from that section in Keynote. Once I have done that I duplicate the image and change the colours as needed.  I place the images on a field or in a grid and then position as many as I need to create the practice situation.  The next step is to duplicate that slide and then on the duplicate you have to move the images and use a transition from the drop down menu called Magic Move.  You then keep repeating that process until you have enough slides to make a movie. To rotate an image you have control and click on one edge of the image and move it to the desired position.

You can add in text boxes and lines or arrows as and when needed.

It is a very time consuming process, which you get quicker at the more you do it. I suggest a lot of trial and error to find out exactly what works and what doesn’t, that’s how I learnt.

I used to estimate about one hour or creating and moving images to produce about 1 minute of movie.

You need to have a good idea in your mind of exactly what you want to end up with as the finished product so you know the stages you need to go through in the build process.

Once you have the movie you need to write a script and record the audio to reflect exactly what is happening in the movie so the audio describes what you are looking at.  I started this way but finished up writing the script first and then creating the movie. Like most things it sounds easy in theory but linking the script to what happens visually is the hardest part.

I hope that helps.





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