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Predictability in the Hyundai “A’ League

By Ron Smith | 14/03/2016 | (0) Comments

This article compares the evidence from analysing various aspects of goal scoring over several seasons that show a degree of predictability.

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To Play Out or Not to Play Out, That is the Question?

By Ron Smith | 06/02/2016 | (0) Comments

A brief look at the risk and reward associated with playing out from the Back Third when the opposing team are in a good position to defend.

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Goal Scoring Patterns in the Hyundai ‘A’ League after 14 Rounds

By Ron Smith | 17/01/2016 | (0) Comments

This blog compares the goal scoring patterns of all teams with the top three teams in terms of which category the goals were scored, the number of passes preceding each goal and in which third of the field possession was regained. Some comparisons are made with the final outcomes for last season.

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How Much Structure, How Much Freedom in Attack?

By Ron Smith | 21/12/2015 | (0) Comments

This blog raises a few questions about coaching philosophy and how much structure or freedom do players have in order to develop to their full potential.

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Analysis of Goals Scored in the A League after 9 Rounds

By Ron Smith | 10/12/2015 | (0) Comments

This analysis includes goals scored in Open Play and from Set Plays as well as the number of passes and where possession was regained for goals in Open Play. It includes a summary of how each club has scored goals so far this season and how they compare with the average figures.

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Pathways to the National Team

By Ron Smith | 08/12/2015 | (0) Comments

This article looks at the different pathways to the Socceroos and how the trend has changed compared with ten years ago.

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The (not so) Beautiful Game

By Ron Smith | 31/08/2015 | (0) Comments

This blog is about attitudes towards Fair Play and how the Laws of the Game do not compensate teams correctly when blatant fouls are committed.

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Coaching Methodologies - A few Thoughts

By Ron Smith | 03/07/2015 | (1) Comments

Topic of Coaching Methodologies is always good for discussion. In this Blog I consider the merits of a couple of different approaches to coaching and look into the past to see what used to be effective and may still be today.

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The ‘A’ League - Final Wrap

By Ron Smith | 07/05/2015 | (0) Comments

This article provides an overview of the goal scoring and possession of the top six teams in the league over the 2014-15 season and is the fourth and final article.

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Passing and possession for Schalke v Real Madrid

By Ron Smith | 26/02/2015 | (0) Comments

This article analyses the the number of passes in each sequence, the areas of the field where possession was gained and where possession was lost.

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