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‘A’ League goals after 18 rounds

By Ron Smith | 26/02/2015 | (0) Comments

This article examines the key performance indicators for the teams most likely to win the league.

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‘A’ League goals after 14 rounds

By Ron Smith | 31/01/2015 | (0) Comments

This article examines the key performance indicators at the half-way stage, for the teams most likely to win the league.

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What analysis can tell us about goal scoring in the ‘A’ League

By Ron Smith | 02/01/2015 | (0) Comments

This blog examines the way in which goals are scored in the 'A' League with regard to the number scored in Open Play and from Set Plays, where possession was regained, the number of passes preceding the goals after 9 rounds of the current season and makes some comparisons with the evidence from past seasons and the teams that were successful.

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Isolated Practice: How important is it?

By Ron Smith | 05/12/2014 | (0) Comments

This article explains what 'isolated practice' is, why it is vitally important for developing touch and maintaining a high level of performance and how repetition is so important when players are in the learning stages.

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Brisbane Roar Philosophy

By Ron Smith | 29/11/2014 | (0) Comments

A summary of Brisbane Roar's passing and possession up to Round 7

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A Matter of ‘Principles’

By Ron Smith | 17/09/2014 | (0) Comments

This blog is about the use of the word 'Principles' and how it's frequent use may cause confusion for coaches.

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Think about it, slowly!

By Ron Smith | 13/05/2014 | (1) Comments

This blog gives a brief explanation about how the brain works in making decisions and examines some of the arguments put forward in The Curriculum for adopting a particular style of play.

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Does size really matter?

By Ron Smith | 26/03/2014 | (0) Comments

Barcelona's central defender, Xavier Mascherano is 174 cms tall, which raises the question, "Does size really matter?"

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Possession football or Direct Play, something to think about.

By Ron Smith | 12/01/2014 | (0) Comments

This article raises the question about the success rates of scoring goals and reaching the final third of the field after regaining possession in the back third. Analysis provides evidence that is sometimes contrary to what people believe, which in turn makes people think.

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Should young players be allowed to play in an older age group?

By Ron Smith | 02/10/2013 | (1) Comments

This article touches on one of the important aspects of player development, playing with older players.

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